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An online presence is essential for every business these days, no matter if your business is big or small your potential clients are always online. Whatever your need is we have a perfect solution here, we understand your business , we research the unique values & we craft a web solution that promises to increase your business goal by connecting online users to your business. We are confident with multiple platforms and languages and we take pride in each and every web application we create

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We craft every kind of customized software for your business management, be it a small medium or big enterprise everyone needs a software suite to keep track of his business efficiently and professionally . We help you create tailor made customized applications crafted on latest technology with highest level of industry standards that will help business managment easy and thus save you time to focus on other things than writing everything on papers

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A business may not be completely depending on brading but your brand is your image, its something your client realize and trust . It is as important as the first impression we believe, we help you create a brand value that promises to leave an long lasting impression among your clients. from logos to business cards ,from letterheads to brochure we design and create a catchy and meaningful visual counterpart for your business

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Product spotlight

Introducing Pedagogics

We introduce Pedagogics, the lightweight heavy duty institute management system developed with highest industry standard on a flexible and robust framework, what makes pedagogics fully customizable, scalable and is 100% responsive which makes it work across every platform and every device. It comes up with never seen before features and stunning technologies that promises to transform your institute to a next generation education hub

How is it different

Pedagogics is available in three version, lite, v1.1 & pro-v1.1. each of the versions are customized to fit in every kind and scale of institutes and each one of them are individually customizable and scalable. with amazing features like live attandance, digital notice board, e-diary etc pedagogics also offers addons to extend your software suite

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Introducing StoreE

An easy substitute to the hefty money you think you need to pay to sell your stuff online. Introducing storeE , a modern and easy product showcase system with integrated ecommerce that lets you showcase all your products online on a beautifully crafted web portal and thus gain you a online visibility among your customers. with its easy to use admin area and detailed sales report storeE not only gives you a chance to show your products to every corner of earth but also provides you peace of mind auto handling your inventory and sales

More about

Like you, I used to think the world was this great place where everybody lived by the same standards I did, then i just saw this craze among people buying their stuff whether its necessary for them or not doent matter, if thats so easy to buy then why not? we decided every business be it huge big or small should have this opportunity to showcase their products online, thus we came up with storeE and easy and affordable ecommerce solution for every scale of business

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Introducing Greinvoice

We introduce greinvoice a super lightweight software suite hosted on the clouds that lets you manage your shop inventory & sales and gives you detailed report anywhere you are on whatever device you use. This cross platform device independent suite helps you keep track of your shop inventory monitor sales, generate sms/email invoices, reports profit/loss, trending products, notifies on stock out etc.

how is it helpful

Anyone right from a grossary shop owner to a marble distributor greinvoice can be useful to anyone who needs to keep track of his inventory, stock, sales from remote locations, greinvoice is hosted on clouds and can be used on laptops, netbooks, tablets and even smartphones, so basically it heps you carry your business journal with you anytime anywhere

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